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"An Important Announcement And Business Proposition From Craig Jasper, Founder Of The Cleaning And Restoration Institute And Dan Dahlin, Founder Of Pro-Cleaners Network.
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Craig Jasper
Executive Director Of The
Cleaning And Restoration Institute
"A Three Part Business Proposition For Anyone In The Cleaning Industry Or ANYONE That Want's To Start Your Own Business That Just Makes Good Business Sense"
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Dear Cleaning Professional,

We're currently in need of one or more LEADERS in your area to become service providers for a service and product that's taking the cleaning and restoration industry by storm.

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Your Opinion Is Needed And Much Appreciated.
Because the scope and profit potential of this opportunity are virtually UNLIMITED, we've broken this proposal down to three easily digestible segments to be sent to you via email over the next 3 or 4 days. We'd very much appreciate your honest opinion after you've reviewed the information.

Please take the time to review each segment because in the end... You stand to greatly expand your current business and profits... Or walk away from what's being called the biggest money maker to hit the cleaning and restoration industry in DECADES.

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Our question to you is simply THIS ...
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"One Question... Cleaners, Would You Do
This For $450.00 An Hour?"
$450.00 Bucks An Hour... Would You Do It?
REMEMBER... This is a THREE PART, THREE DAY proposal. We're looking for serious LEADERS that would like to grab a HUGE untapped and HUGELY PROFITABLE market in YOUR area.
It will take a few minutes of your time each of the following 3 days to give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

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